Safe, rapid and sustainable transport

We provide transport of various types of goods, providing support in the selection of the most suitable mode of transport.

While respecting the tradition of regional transport, being specialised in distribution in Lombardy, we also offer shipments throughout the national territory, with maximum speed of delivery. Please read on for more With consolidated experience in shipments and deliveries, we now support the client with advice on strategic, organisation and strategic management for providing immediate responses, without involving third-party operators.

Addressing the problems of fluctuating supply/demand rhythms, fully optimising delivery and return times. More specifically, shipments of documents, packages, parcels, pallets can be set at a precise date and time, using the methods indicated by the client.

Transport solutions

Trasporto food


Trasporto no-food


Trasporto zootecnici


Trasporti in regime di ADR

ADR rules transport

Trasporto su pallet

Palletised goods

Trasporto carico completo

Full load

Trasporto carico parziale

Partial load

Corriere espresso

Express shipments