A history looking forward

A historic transport firm, deeply rooted in an area where for 40 years it has distributed shipments throughout Lombardy. Well-known in the Milan area in particular, we have seen profound changes in the industry since we set out. Changes led by the needs of the market and the birth of new models of trade.

Over the years we have had to explore new services. Through meeting specific problems clients and their different activities present us with, we have now diversified our range of services. Without giving up our past we have enriched the identity of our firm in Milan with distribution excellence. The M2 Italian rebranding introduced the English words, Be forward before, to imply speed and reliability

Being forward before

With a streamlined and dynamic structure, enabling us to model our service according to the client’s specific needs, we can now provide firms with a 360° consultancy service for planning shipments, ensuring rapid turnarounds typical of express shipments. Even for complex projects

Our team is professionally trained and fully available to offer the client support at all stages of the shipment, from collection to delivery. Listening, understanding and winning solutions. Simple

M2, an effective and efficient partner for your business.