Producer, distributor and consumer. Never too far.

Our operations can meet delivery requirements via multiple distribution channels. Specialised in the distribution of dry products, our organisation can guarantee deliveries of packages or parcels to a destination, from HoReCa to traditional food, from large retail supply to Industrial with the speed and experience that the particular segment requires.

Milan is a speciality but we distribute throughout Italy

Distribution requires flexible hours, but above all vehicles and facilities always available. To address this need we created a network distribution system throughout the Italian territory. It is a decentralised organisation which, if the client wishes, provides delivery directly to the point of sale

Deliveries in the Milan ECOPASS Limited Traffic Zone

We carry out deliveries to all AREA C and limited traffic areas in Milan using electric vehicles, which allow us to reach any corner of the city at any time, even during limited or no traffic days. This allows us to expand our green credentials and help reduce polluting emissions.

Consegna in cantina

Delivery with storage in cellar

This speciality has set us apart for years. We have the skills and experience to handle wine cases and delicate parcels carefully via a scheduled collection system, with labelling of shipments, for making all storage operations fast and efficient. We know how restaurants and wine bars work and we schedule deliveries on appointment, directly to the premises, with flexible hours that allow us to deliver directly to the cellar.


The Milan branches

We guarantee capillary goods distribution in the Milan territory and province.
Thanks to the logistical position of the branches, they take full advantage of the opportunity to move from the south to the north part of Milan. In fact, we are in a logistical position that allows us to reach any area of the city and serve it quickly because our branches are well connected.

The Milan South and Milan North branches allow us to work on reducing pick up and delivery times, thanks in part to nocturnal connections.

The goods destined for the city centre will be distributed using low environmental impact vehicles, thereby eliminating commercial traffic within the city limits.

In order to organize an increasingly connected supply chain, the spaces dedicated to the services are increasing because we have a project that aims at a stronger and stronger definition of our identity on the national territory.