Logistics platforms throughout Italy

Physical connection between the shipment and final distribution: logistics involves implementing an ensemble of solutions to ensure that the products reach the place of production and/or consumption at the set costs and timescales.

At M2 we are aware of being an important component within the entire business logistics process – from collecting the goods to delivery to the client – and now we can handle the goods on platforms equipped for logistics and micro-logistics throughout Italy.

No one client has the same requirements

Some clients do not handle the production, there are those who need to store small quantities of goods or small parcels, some need only storage. The specifics may be many but together we will find the best solution for organising your business,

As well as the classic shipping services, we can also handle restocking to resolve problems due to peaks of sales and consumption with immediate deliveries.

Servizi logistici a Milano Lombardia
Stoccaggio merci

The logistics services available include

Stoccaggio merci a breve e lungo termine

Short and long-term storage

Picking merce


Confezionamento colli

Packaging of parcels

Preparazione merce a codice prodotto per GDO

Preparation of goods by product code for delivery to large-scale retail

Sbancalamento e prepazione merce

Creating and preparation of single reference goods



Micro-logistics is an interesting niche within logistics in the broader sense. In the majority of cases it involves small businesses or private individuals who require low-volume shipments but with different destinations.

Micro-logistics services are interesting especially for e-commerce businesses who are aiming to expand within their market but have not yet created their own logistics network.